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Mixed Insititutional Rags

Mixed Insititutional Rags

Mixed Rags are a category of clothing generated from second hand/thrift stores. These include leftover clothing from the thrift store that did not sell and clothing that was not saleable in the thrift stores due to defects.

Mixed rags are commonly packed in large bales, typically 800-1200 lbs.


Credential Clothing

Credential clothing is unsorted, untouched clothing that has been donated directly from individuals or clothing drop boxes in their original charity bags. These are sometimes referred to as "orginal donations". These can be packed into small or big bales or bags.

Summer Tropical Clothing

Tropical Mix

Tropical Mix is a combination of men's, women's and children's used clothing pre-sorted specifically for countries with tropical climate. In addition to clothing, "Household Rummage" is also included in Tropical Mix. "Household Rummage" consists mainly of bed sheets and towels.

Tropical Mix consists only of lightweight summer clothes appropriate for hot climates. Items that are not part of the mix include: sweatshirts, heavy jogging pants, long sleeve t-shirts and clothing made out of heavy woven (sweater) or corduroy material. It also does not include torn, worn out, discolored, faded nor out-of-shape clothing.

Summer Tropical Clothing

Tropical Assortment (Small bales)

Tropical Assortment refers to lightweight summer clothing that is sorted or graded into specific categories by type (eg. t-shirts, pants, children's rummage etc.) and by quality (eg. Grade A and B, Quality no. 1 and no. 2).

Tropical Assortment is available from either the U.S. or Canada and is packed in small bales, 100-120 lbs each (45-55 kgs each).

  Mixed Sweaters and Wool Bodies

Mixed Sweaters and Wool Bodies (Cut/Uncut)

Mixed sweaters having nothing taken out of them and contain acrylic, cotton and wool sweaters. They can be either mutilated or unmutilated and are mainly packed in big bales.

  Wipers cut/uncut

Wiping Rags (Cut/Uncut)

All types of wiping clothes in cut or uncut form packed in big or small bales.

  Graded Clothes

Graded Clothes

We can also buy/sell graded clothes as per your requirement in big or small bales.


Used Shoes

Rag Solutions offers original shoes directly from the donations. They are sold "as is" in either shoe-bags or cap-sacks.

We offer sorted shoes from the U.S., Canada and Europe. The shoes are graded for the market in which you are selling Ė we have both first and second quality shoes available.

We also have winter shoes / boots available and other special items like sandals, high heel shoes and other items.

We buy a grade that requires all shoes to be paired and banded, in bulk. This includes a mix of menís, womenís (flats and heels no higher than two inches), kidsí and sports. For this grade, we do not accept damaged footwear, winter and rubber boots, slippers, flip flops, or ice and roller skates.


Used Toys (hard/soft)

Soft toys are primarily stuffed animals with the large ones taken out and hard toys are games, cars etc. Toys are most commonly packaged in gaylord boxes and are put on the trailers with other product.


Used Purses and Belts

Rag Solutions sells used purses, handbags and belts in bulk. We pack our used purses and belts in gaylords or bags, and load them onto the truck with other product.